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A hybrid workflow for grading and commenting on papers

Just grading some papers and find myself using a combination of digital and paper methods that seems to work pretty well: I print out the papers and add my comments in pen as I read them. Perhaps some of this is habit but I find it very efficient to work this way. Even the best […]

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The MS-MBA Program

I do a lot of my teaching in the MS-MBA program at Boston University’s School of Management (SMG). The program offers students the chance to get an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems during the same two year time frame as a regular MBA program. This is accomplished by having students take a […]

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Teaching Web Analytics

I am teaching a brief session on web analytics tomorrow and am going to use a demo site I set up early this semester, so I am going to post the link to it here (and then click on it). Here goes: I have done this on Facebook and Twitter. Now off to tumblr.

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