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I am standing in front of a dusty door with the words “WynerBlog”on it…

I try the door knob and the room is unlocked. I walk in and find old posts covered with dust and a general air of abandonment. I peer around and think… this could actually be a useful space. Just need some sweeping and cleaning up and some new content. Then I realize I have to […]

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A hybrid workflow for grading and commenting on papers

Just grading some papers and find myself using a combination of digital and paper methods that seems to work pretty well: I print out the papers and add my comments in pen as I read them. Perhaps some of this is habit but I find it very efficient to work this way. Even the best […]

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Obstacles to automating my workflow

I’ve always been intrigued (obsessed with?) software that automates small chunks of my daily workflow. TextExpander on the Mac and ActiveWords on Windows can generate big chunks of text from a few keystrokes. I can generate a standard response to a student question or directions to my office or just today’s date by typing a […]

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The MS-MBA Program

I do a lot of my teaching in the MS-MBA program at Boston University’s School of Management (SMG). The program offers students the chance to get an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems during the same two year time frame as a regular MBA program. This is accomplished by having students take a […]

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Solving a minor OS X Firewall annoyance

For some time now Keynote has been prompting me to decide whether to allow or deny incoming connections.  This prompt is courtesy of the Mac’s Application Firewall, which wants to make sure I allow incoming traffic from the internet only to those apps which require it.  What is supposed to happen is you have to […]

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Teaching Web Analytics

I am teaching a brief session on web analytics tomorrow and am going to use a demo site I set up early this semester, so I am going to post the link to it here (and then click on it). Here goes: I have done this on Facebook and Twitter. Now off to tumblr.

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Getting ready for Hurricane Irene

Bought some strong rope to lash down the firewood and some duct tape on general principles. The backup-power-for-gadgets accessories arrive from Amazon tomorrow (Saturday) which gives me 12 hours to get them charged before the rain begins to fall.

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Using the thematic framework

I have created “geothematic” — a child theme of the thematic framework — as a first step in learning about rolling my own WordPress theme. Actual content? Maybe someday. But now I have a theme with its own CSS file. Progress!

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I am still here…

and still thinking about someday posting something on this blog.  Don’t give up!

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Experimenting with the layout of the blog, content next?

Still circling around this blog trying to figure out what to do with it. In the meantime I am exploring WordPress and experimenting with layouts.

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